Miami native furniture designer, Corey Drew has considerably impacted the world of high design. Immediately after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, he began traveling throughout China and the Philippines, working with factories and other designers in the exciting markets of hospitality furniture, home furniture and housewares. “This incredible experience,” he says, “opened my eyes to a brand new world of creative possibilities. It was a designer’s dream.” Upon returning to the States, Drew founded his first furniture brand, allowing him to focus his innate talents and showcase his creative experience. Others took notice, including the New York Times, which remarked that they “stopped short, gaped-mouthed” at the sight of his designs. After garnering various design awards and numerous press features, such as in the Los Angeles Times, he sold his company seven years later in pursuit of his next venture. During this time, Drew was invited back to his alma mater to mentor young designers in preparation for their careers in furniture design.

In 2014, Drew established the furniture design and consulting studio Architek Home, specializing in unique, contemporary aesthetics, and since then, Drew has built a talented team of over twenty designers. 

Drew’s work blends modern, clean lines with sophistication and functionality, earning him a spot at the forefront of the furniture design market. His materials range from solid hardwoods and exotic veneers to luxurious metal finishes, each carefully selected with an eye towards quality, contemporaneity and comfort. Craft processes and an emphasis on luxury are at the heart of Drew’s designs, and he is always striving for the pinnacle of excellence in both innovation and elegance. By blending traditional techniques with high design, Drew constructs furniture that is perfectly adapted to the modern world.